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The principle relations of structure with sustainability at stadiums

مبانی روابط سازه با پایداری در ورزشگاه ها The principle relations of structure with sustainability at stadiums
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watch_later October 1st, 2017

Within recent years, early construction and destruction of buildings has imposed enormous costs. Consumption of a high level of energy, facing a large mass of residues caused by destruction of impermanent buildings, has made a majority of societies, especially large cities to encounter environmental disorders. Although, newly appeared structure systems and technologies has moved forward rapidly alongside the other sciences, it is possible to use various practical and flexible systems in order to prohibit the mentioned difficulties, it is essential to enhance stability and sustainability of buildings, reduce destruction and reconstruction costs, especially in public buildings. Among verity of relations of structure and sustainability concepts, achieved criteria have a basis in this case. Also by analyzing and evaluating these criteria in new structure systems appraise several aspects of them. So in the direction of sustainable development and comparison of structure of buildings with each other in a specified period the suitable response to below question can be found: Is this possible to offer up to date structure systems as a solution to enhance life time and flexibility of public buildings’ structure and to reduce environmental problems by the use of analysis and comparison of the stated buildings and finding quality scales?

Book Language: Persian
Writers : Raziehalsadat Tabatabaei, Naeime Khodadad, Mahdi Jafari

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